photo guidelines

In addition to observing our  Terms and Conditions of Use and Code of Conduct, make sure to follow these photo guidelines:


1. Only upload photos that are yours and belong to you. If you don’t own the rights to a photo, don’t post it. 

2. You must appear in every photo you post.

3. No photos in bikinis or swimwear indoors.

4. No pictures in underwear.

5. No shirtless mirror selfies.

6. No children on their own. Any children in photos must be fully clothed, and appear with you.

7. No frames or filters that obscure any part of the photo (e.g., no Snapchat filters).

8. No watermarks or text overlaid.

9. No nudity or pornographic material.

10. No graphic hunting photos.

11. No guns or firearms.

12. No depictions of violence.